Appointment Setting

In terms of appointment setting Lead Topper has been at its pinnacle since 2019, its founding year. And it was long before that when Shahabul Alam & Monirul Islam, the founders, have been helping other firms to top the market while leading from the front.

Customized Deals

Coupling with such extraordinary leadership, the appointment settling team brought about customized sales and marketing solutions to help B2B sellers enhance their lead generation and appointment setting efforts, driving increased conversion rates and helping close more deals.

Experienced Arsenal

Right from its founding moment Lead topper gained a firm root in both local and global B2B appointment setting services- thousands till now. Let’s dive in to discover more about what we offer in no time.

What is B2B Appointment Setting?

Let’s break down this complex enough process in simple words here. It’s often a long task to set an appointment. Major account sales often require several months to go from the first sales conversation to deal close. Hiring appointment setting companies like Lead Topper can help reduce the time in your sales cycle, by identifying more and better-quality business leads upfront.

The ways Lead Topper helps handle your B2B Appointment Setting

  1. It develops a list of prospects based on your unique industry/target market/geographic location
  2. Then it creates a sales script to conduct appointment setting calls. The script emphasizes your company’s key selling points and value proposition.
  3. Afterward, Lead Topper reaches out to your prospects by phone. They make the upfront cold calls to introduce your company to the market. Thus the potentially interested buyers are found.
  4. Lastly, we deliver your company a list of “warm leads” based on the results of our appointment setting outreach.

Why Appointment Setting Adds Value for Your Business

Lead Topper, as an appointment setting agency gives you respite. We engage and settle the appointments through cold calls, cold emails, and even through social media platforms. We make that first introductory sales call to your prospects on your behalf.

We are fond of pushing the leads more and more towards closings and keep less work at your hands-

  • We start to build a relationship with your prospective customers.
  • We assess your prospects’ needs.
  • We determine which prospects are most interested.
  • We eliminate ones who aren’t ready to hear more from you.

Then we hand off a list of “warm” sales leads that are hopefully ready to start a more serious and in-depth sales conversation with your company.

Our goal

A qualified appointment setting is our pearl. In specific terms, we –

  • evaluate each prospect on the list
  • determine how serious of a buyer they are
  • spot how high of a priority they are for your sales team
  • identify whether your efforts with them for the next steps are worth

We don’t just want to give you a list of “new leads,” we want to give you a list of “qualified leads”. Otherwise, they won’t be truly a good fit for your business. We make sure the fresh leads are ready to hear from your sales team.

Not every prospect will be immediately ready to buy, and most will need further conversations and lead nurturing. But our goal during the B2B appointment setting process is to help narrow down the focus and identify good-quality, qualified business leads.

How Do B2B Appointment Setters Work?

Lead Topper works great for Major Account sales, targeted to buyers of “complex” B2B products and/or services as far as B2B appointment setting is concerned. Principally they deal with “non-commodity” items. Their major concerns are- 

  • decision-makers at the Owner, Director, VP, or C level of contact
  • a “solution sell process” with business leads where the prospects have a specific problem that needs to be solved.
  • multiple sales call over a period of time prior to closing
  • asking the prospect to make a large purchase

Setters Are Equipped, We Equip Them More

B2B sales are complex and our B2B appointment setters are well aware of that. Lead Topper periodically conducts training programs to boost their skills as well as motivate the setters in their tasks. We train them on how to approach and manage appointment setting conversations and finally starting from the first phone call.

Offer Eligible Representatives

We have a professional team of B2B appointment setting reps who are confident and comfortable in speaking with high-level decision-makers and gatekeepers. They are more than eligible to represent your organization with credibility.

We offer Unmatched experience among appointment setting and lead generation companies

We proudly announce that we have generated over 7 million sales leads. Since our founding in 2019, we have completed over 50 million new business sales presentations to high-level decision-makers. Our state-of-the-art appointment setting processes and dedicated B2B appointment setters have helped create millions of dollars in new sales revenue for our clients.

Targeted B2B appointment setting efforts in hundreds of categories

Accounting, Apparel & Fashion, Arts & Crafts, Automotive- you name it, we do appointment setting services for all. We just don’t confine ourselves to quality lead generation rather let you customize appointment setting services. No matter the sizes, product categories, and marketing objectives you adorn yourself with.

We speak the language of selling

Lead Topper connects the likes. We provide our appointment setting services for your sales team. And it’s best suited for them since our setters are also people of the sales team. The lead gen firm of ours crafts your message for the unique needs of your required B2B appointment setting.

We follow the following – 

  1. deliver the message and pitch
  2. professionally contact and engage your prospects
  3. turn the business leads into highly qualified prospects
  4. finally, lead to better conversion rates and bigger sales results

Clients hire us for- 

  1. focused, efficient, thorough, and detail-oriented B2B lead generation services
  2. generating qualified business leads
  3. “warm-up” the sales process for your company’s sales team to take over

The Lead Topper team is staffed with experienced, business-savvy, battle-tested professional
appointment setters. Our sole focus is exceeding the expectations of our clients. We are constantly thinking, planning, and strategizing about how to harness the power of our appointment setting company to generate bigger, and faster sales results.

We Pioneered the Art of Selling By Achieving Milestones

    • Over 30 years of B2B appointment setting experience.
    • An extensive staff of diverse, highly experienced B2B appointment setters with specific expertise in our clients’ product categories.
    • A proprietary process for complex B2B lead generation and appointment setting.
    • See the results of your campaign with Web-based self-service reporting, giving clients 24/7 real-time visibility of each lead generation and appointment setting program.
    • Customized program design to listen to each client’s needs and meet each client’s unique objectives.
    • Best-in-class, time-tested appointment setting scripts and messaging to achieve the best results in B2B sales appointment setting services.

    We bet on your bucks, we let return more in turn… And this motto in heart blending into the mix of all the aforementioned advantages makes Lead Topper Stand out as one of the best appointment setting companies in the U.S.!

    We Cost Scanty Yet Deliver Much

    Our consultation is free. We will develop a customized quote, based on your business’s needs. Contact Lead Topper for knowing about appointment setting services cost.

    Qualified Leads with Least Effort & Cost