About us

Lead Topper is a lead generation company. We specialize in B2B lead generation, appointment setting, and managing sales leads for major accounts. Any industry offering products or services is in our domain of service.

Founding Lead Topper

Working shoulder to shoulder with topmost lead gen firms, Sumy Alam and Monirul Islam, the Lead Topper founders, gave neck-to-neck fight to the startups with B2B business Giants. Finally, they made their minds up and gave rise to Lead Topper in 2014. “Certainly it’s more effective doing it together than pushing others for it”- they say.

We Believe in Service and Loyalty

We have the bulk of Fortune 100 companies in our credentials and endorsements. Yet no matter whether yours is a small local business startup or a reputed brand- client satisfaction through a qualified pool of leads is what our souls find peace.

Highlights of Our Lead Generation Programs Include:

  • We can deliver at least 3k leads a day!
  • Completed over 250 million new business sales presentations for our clients.
  • Generated over 7 million sales leads for our clients.
  • Created millions of dollars in new revenue for our clients.

An essence of tools we love using for Email Finding

  • Rapportive, FTL, Toofr, Sell Hack, Email Hunter, Datanyze, Data.com, Zoominfo, and many more …

Lead Validation is the 1st step to Lead Qualification

Here are the tools and sites our validation and qualification team have mastered:

  • Mailtester.com
  • Rapportive
  • quickemailverification.com
  • verifyemailaddress.org
  • briteverify.com
  • tools.email-checker.com
  • kickbox.io, and so on …

We Believe in Intra and Inter Team Effort

Besides, a number of SEO experts have taken Lead Topper as a hub; especially focusing on Google keyword research. Each team is divided into sub-teams and functions mutually consultatively.

Lead Topper is the best Lead Generation Company

Why Are We Picked So Frequently?

U.S.-based lead generation and appointment setting call service

Our lead generation call center is based in the U.S. This gives your company the advantage of being represented by native English speakers – no offshore callers –to ensure clear, culturally fluent communication and make the most of your business leads.

Over 10 years sales leads management

More than 14 years of personal experience of Monirul and Shahabul concentrated market leading lead gen expertise in 2014. Tackling the biggest challenges in B2B lead generation, lead management, and B2B marketing- the 11 year journey is just the tip of iceberg. Let’s bet: we’ve faced your challenges before (and overcome them).

Category-specific experience in managing sales leads

Our lead generation agents and sales representatives are not newcomers to the arena; we offer a talented, diverse, well-trained team of sales professionals who have specific expertise in your product category.

Experts in appointment setting

We work on relationships. We listen to their problems long and wipe out the pains through clients’ products and services. Thus your sales closings begin at our hands.

Our appointment setters deliver unmatched results in getting your salespeople in front of decision makers.

Whom to Trust When Alternatives Are Plenty?

Get ready for a unique client experience. Lead Topper has an aged collective experience in bag. The magical wand of lead generation processes has been shaped over 10 years of honing. We deliver an unmatched level of efficiency, accountability and quality control in managing sales leads.

Transparent Deals – Accountable Results

Are you tired of spending money on lead generation consultants, but with no clear results? Get maximum transparency into the progress of your B2B lead generation program with our Web-based self service reporting. Our clients get 24/7 real-time visibility of every lead generation and lead management program, so they can see the day-to-day results of our lead generation services.

We Listen to Pains – We Talk of Gains

Effective lead generation and efficient appointment setting begins with a well-honed sales script. Over the course of millions of sales presentations and appointment setting calls, we’ve developed best-in-class calling scripts and concise, action-oriented messaging to achieve the best results in B2B lead generation and appointment setting.

Customized Lead Generation And Sales Leads Management

Whether you need more sales leads, a more efficient appointment setting process, a better system for managing sales leads, sales coaching or all of the above, we will listen to your specific needs and design a customized B2B lead generation program targeted on your unique objectives.

Leading-Edge Technology for Managing Sales Leads

We maximize the use of technology to manage our clients’ sales leads – not for the sake of techie “bells and whistles,” but to optimize our efficiency in appointment setting, tracking communication, and getting the most out of every customer contact.

Get more sales leads. Hone your B2B lead generation processes. Enhance the qualification of your sales leads. Improve your appointment setting conversions and close more deals. Wherever you need help in the lead generation and sales process, Lead Topper can boost your results with smart, focused, measurable lead generation, sales coaching and B2B marketing consulting.

Lead Topper is a member of several industry associations, including:

American Marketing Association
CBIA (Connecticut Business & Industry Association)
Greater Hartford Chamber of Commerce
Connecticut Technology Council
Sales Lead Management Association

Are you ready to make your lead generation effort into a “leading light” for your sales organization? Contact Lead Topper today for a Quick Quote. Let’s talk about how we can help you achieve better business leads with more efficient appointment setting, leading to bigger sales.

Qualified Leads with Least Effort & Cost