Sales Coaching

A Result-oriented Solution for Sales Teams and Business Owners

We, Lead Topper, don’t wanna leave you in oblivion if we see auxiliary supports weak in your sales funnel strategies. We believe that even a set of qualified leads may bring about nil results if the sales team doesn’t function the way it should. 

A Comprehensive Scheme for Sales Management

Sales coaching programs that we have organized and designed take your budget and limitations into consideration. We recognize your goals and focus on them to re-organize the schemes you’ve undertaken.

The coaching lets you breathe through a remote yet warm experience of classroom training, one-on-one coaching, online training, and job aids. Regardless of the design, our goal is to create a results-oriented solution that accomplishes sustainable results.

Our Sales Coaching Process

  • Coaching sessions can be used at any pace or as part of an ongoing program
  • Each telephone coaching session lasts 30 or 60 minutes
  • Email communication between coaching sessions
  • Each program is customized around your needs & goals.

Sales Coaching Delivery Options

  • Programs for individuals are delivered via telephone and email
  • Programs for sales teams or large groups can be delivered via on-site seminars, webinars, or telephone

Results Sales Pros, Sales Teams & Business Owners Can Expect

    • More Clients, More Sales, More Income
    • Increased Productivity, Effectiveness, Motivation, Focus
    • A Clear and Effective Sales Process
    • A Sales Plan, Sales Methods, Techniques, and On Going Support
    • More Time, More Clarity, More Income, Less Stress
    • Sales Process Development
    • Referral Systems To Create A Steady Stream Of Clients
    • Social Media Training including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn To Attract New Clients
    • Qualification, Discovery, Prospecting, Cold Calling, Meeting Management, Follow Up Methods
    • Gaining Commitments From Your Prospects, Opening New Partnerships (“Closing”)
    • Objection Handling & Negotiation Strategy
    • Powerful Voicemails & Emails That Will Receive A Response From Prospects
    • Productivity, Motivation, Time Management, Effectiveness
    • Creating Your Own Selling Style
    • Effective Listening & Questioning

Sales Managers and Sales Leaders Learn With Lead Topper On-The-Go 

  • How To Coach Low Sales Performers Into Top Sales Producers
  • How To Coach Your Sales Pros To Be Self-Driven & Self-Motivated
  • How To Bring Out The Best Of Your Top Sales Producers

Qualified Leads with Least Effort & Cost