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Cold Calls Made


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Is Lead Topper The Best B2B Lead Generation Company?

We bagged the credits and credentials on generating over 150 million B2B sales leads. It is a journey well organized since 2014 while laying our founding step-stone.

Companies having B2B products and services find peace in dealing with us ever after as we alleviate and handle the excruciating tasks of sales lead generation and setting appointments. Typically we scrap off the following for you-

Decision Makers

Those who are typically at the Owner, Director, CEO, VP, or C level of contact

Large and Long Deals

Long sales cycles that after a lead is developed require our clients to make multiple sales calls (typically over a period of time) to close a deal. These sales typically have large deal sizes.

Multiple – Periodic Calls

Sales that require multiple sales calls (typically over a period of time) to close.

Solution Sell (SS) Process

Often (and mostly) the challenge is to spot and pitch to prospects who are facing major problems, troubles, or issues to be addressed and resolved. This very “solution sell process” is always our prime concern. It’s a fact that our versatile b2b lead generation services make us the top lead generation company in the USA & Canada.

    Our Services

    Appointment Setting

    A list of “warm” sales leads that are hopefully ready to start a more serious and in-depth sales conversation with your company…

    Inbound Lead Qualification

    The Inbound Lead Qualification process is designed to identify and qualify prospects that your search requirements do specify.

    Lead Management

    Our talented appointment setters and experienced sales agents offer a comprehensive array of lead management services

    Phone Customer Satisfaction Survey

    The issues and specifically the troubles they face are unasked, unnurtured. Lead Topper takes their care.


    Manufacturing & Distribution

    Durable Goods
    Non Durable Goods
    Catalouged Items
    Durable Goods

    Business-Business Services

    Marketing Services
    Service Outsourcing

    Information Technology

    Managed IT Services
    Software / VAR’s
    IT Consulting
    ERP Solutions

    Business Insurance

    Group Medical
    Property Casualty
    Workers Compensation
    Wellness Programs


    Years of Experience


    Cold Calls Made


    Decision Makers Pitched


    Leads Developed

    Why is Lead Topper the Best B2B Lead Generation Service Provider?

    It’s not just the narrative of ours that makes Lead Topper a top-tier lead generation company. It’s the analytical facts posed and endorsements made by our respectable clients from day one that makes us so. Their appreciations are our fuel to carry on and hopefully you’ll be the next…

    No Outsourcing

    We’ve known several lead generation companies who outsource their tasks and bring about low-quality leads. That’s what Lead Topper strictly avoids. Moreover, this is quite unnecessary from our perspective since our team of lead generation is more than enough for handling multiple companies simultaneously.

    Experienced Sales Reps

    Our reps have an average age of 35-55. And have a more numerous, young, and energetic lead gen workforce. They know how to build relationships with high-level decision-makers and create a list in no time.

    Industry-Founding Lead Generation Firm

    It was 2019 when we set our first step and ever since have worked on developing this industry. And in terms of success coupled with longevity, we are the torchbearer.

    US-based Services

    A good portion of our services is based on US natives. They cover cold calling, lead engaging and management, and many more as per the requirements of our clients.

    Versatile Expertise

    The list of the categories of companies and major account B2B sales businesses we have covered is worth having a look at! Interestingly, whatever your products, solutions, or services may be, either Lead Topper has dealt with the leads you are concerned with, or it has already scraped the required list.


    Qualified Leads with Least Effort & Cost